End of the World

"Chameleon" 12 inch Vinyl

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Get your hand on this limited vinyl-edition of CHAMELEON, sold exclusively at our official store.

The album begins with a melancholy piano phrase. The lyrics go back in time; life's struggles and the joys, the realizations in many colors. Almost like a diary, a chronicle of End of the World's seven years. A mix of rich analogue and digital tech, fusion of the classical and new: genre-less creation, composed of 13 tracks.


1.Airplane 2.Dropout Boulevard 3.Lost ft. Clean Bandit 4.My Sleeping Beauty 5. Forever ft.NIKI 6.Hollow ft.DNCE 7.Rollerskates


8.Birthday 9.Gone 10.Stargazer Reimagined 11.Fangs 12.Bad Day 13.Over ft. Gabrielle Aplin